What is God’s Plan for Salvation?

Glory be to God Salt and light Commission! The salvation plan of God is a beautiful story of His redeeming love. God was not surprised when Man decided to sin against him.  He knew it would happen and had a plan to correct this from the day He formed the heavens and the earth.  Today we are going to look at that plan in its basic form from the old testament to the new testament.


Old Testament

In the beginning, God created everything and everything was good. He then made Man and Man was also good.    But Man, also had freewill and with that freewill he used it to sin against God (by Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden tree).

So now because Adam was the first man sin entered the world through him and it spread through his offspring. So now we are all born sinners (or unclean).

God is a righteous God and He can’t allow sin in his presence. He must separate himself from it and/or punish it.  So, Mankind is sinful and must be punished.  We deserve death and Hell…the ultimate separation from God.  But God is also loving, and He didn’t want to be completely separated from His creations, so He created a system to erase the sins of the people and make them clean.  Animal sacrifices.

Blood represents life…so per this system, innocent blood must be shed to cover the sins of the people. So, every day and night the Israelite people were commanded to choose a lamb that was perfect…no spots, no deformities, no sickness and sacrifice it to God at the temple.  This sacrifice was to forgive the people or person of their sins by allowing an innocent being to die in their place.

But animal blood was not enough to wash the people completely clean, so it had to be done every day and yearly for the whole nation in another step of the atonement system (I might touch more on this in future posts). But because God so love us that He sent his son Jesus.

New Testament

Jesus is also called the Lamb of God. He lived on lived on Earth among His creation for 33 years and never sinned, He was perfect…no spots, no deformities, no sickness.  He was the perfect sacrifice to take away the sins of the all mankind for all time.

Jesus, the innocent man, hung on the cross and took all the sins on Himself of all the people, and when He died the sins died with Him and we were clean of all sin. Someone innocent took our deserved death sentence upon Himself.  Now because of what He did we can now come before God in his presence as if we never sinned.  Past sins and guilt are all washed away.

And when Jesus rose from the dead 3 days later, He proved that He is the Son of God and is God and He had the gift of eternal life with Him to give to us freely IF we only believe.  We don’t have to work towards Heaven, just believe in Him and what He did and we can go to heaven.

All it takes is an honest prayer like this one said aloud to enter Heaven:


Prayer of Salvation

Lord Jesus, I am a sinner. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for me on the cross and washing me clean of my sins. I believe you are the Son of God and you rose again on the 3rd day.  Be my Lord and Savior, Fill me with you Spirit, In your name I pray. Amen.


If you prayed that prayed aloud you are now a born again believer. Your sins have been forgiven and you are now a Christian.   Find a good church, read your bible daily, and live a life pleasing to Christ.  on ways to please God, read more of posts on how to do that.  A good one is finding God’s will for your life.  It will help you make right decisions in your new walk with Jesus…read that by clicking HERE!   And how to deal with temptation, by clicking HERE!  Remember, you are now the salt and light of the world!

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