How To Prove Christianity Is True (Part 3)

Are Miracles Possible?

4 reasons why Christianity is True.  Do Miracles exist?

Welcome back to the blog!  This is Salt and Light Commission.  For the last 2 weeks we have been looking at the evidence that proves Christianity is true.  We looked at in Part 1: knowing truth, and in Part 2: proving a god exists.  Today we are going to prove that miracles exist.  Because if Miracles exist then a god that does miracles exists. And proving that miracles exist will help us to prove the 4th point to prove that we will dive into next week, because the New Testament is filled with miracles.   You can’t have miracles without a god.  It doesn’t work that way. Let me example. Firstly, what is a miracle?  Here is the definition of a miracle according to the dictionary.




  1. a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

Devine Intervention

Today a lot of Christians and largely non-Christians misinterpret miracles.  They categorize Divine Intervention as miracles. Divine Intervention is when God does not stop or pause the natural laws of the universe to orchestrate certain events to happen.  You recognize God moving pieces around, but the circumstances surrounding it would have happened anyway in the natural world.  It’s not supernatural.  If the laws of nature do not take a step back and allow certain events to transpire, then a miracle has not occurred. 

Some examples of Divine Intervention are when you meet your spouse.  Not a miracle, but through a set of seemingly random events you met and fell in love or you landed that promotion that was out of reach for you, but through someone quitting abruptly and other things surrounding it, you were able to move up.  Divine Interventions, not miracles.

In the biblical days miracles happened a lot. Almost 200 miracles are recorded in the bible between the old and new testaments.  For a list of all these miracles you can click HERE. When a miracle happens in the bible it was used to validate a message or revelation passed through the messengers of God.  Often it was to validate the messenger himself.  The miracle proves that God exists, because of the nature of how miracles are performed.  Only a powerful being…the creator of the universe, can stop the natural laws needed to perform a miraculous event.   If the being we call God has created all the laws of the universe, then it would stand to reason that the same being is able to stop and start the laws at will.


There was an 18th-century man by the name, David Hume, whose argument is still taught today to discredit miracles.  Essentially his premise didn’t really disprove miracles, it ended up refuting the believability of miracles.  He says in his conclusion to his 5-point argument that if you are wise, you should not believe in miracles.  He says nothing about miracles being untrue.  So, in essence he is teaching, don’t believe in miracles even if they appear to happen or you are not to be counted as wise. That doesn’t seem very logical. That statement and the action behind it sounds to be quite foolish.

But even how ridiculous that sounds, we have people that have adopted his way of thinking.  We have some people that don’t believe in miracles because they have never seen a miracle.  This is not a very good way to think about miraculous events.  Why?  Because we believe in a lot of things we have not seen or can’t see.  We can’t see oxygen, but we know it exists, otherwise we would be dead.  Our bones, we don’t see them but we know they are there.  Gravity, we can’t see it, but we know it’s here keeping us on the earth. We believe in Abraham Lincoln, but we have never seen him face-to-face. We believe in a lot of things that we haven’t seen.

The Greatest Miracle of all Time

Truthfully, we shouldn’t want to see miracles often, otherwise they wouldn’t be miracles, just the natural order of things. If resurrections were a natural thing that happened regularly then that would dilute the resurrection of Jesus Christ to just another event. It wouldn’t be that important if people were coming back from the dead daily.

The bible is filled with miracles, there is no doubt, and they all have been validated by Jesus.  But even if you don’t believe in the bible.  The greatest miracle of all time has already been accepted by Christians and Atheists alike.  Which is, the universe was created out of nothing.  That’s a miracle.  Everything we see and can’t see started from nothingness.  The laws of science state that nothing can’t create something.  Yet here we are!  So this qualifies as a miracle and it’s accepted by all sides of the religious spectrum. It’s not even up for debate anymore.   

Consider The Following

So, think for a second…If this miracle is possible then it’s seemingly possible that all other miracles written or not written can be possible.   A being that can create the universe out of nothing can do whatever He wants inside that universe. It’s His!  It’s easy to part waters on the left and the right, it’s easy to stop the rotation of the earth, it’s easy to allow Jonah not to be digested by stomach acids of a big fish, it’s easy to rise Jesus from the dead. He can stop the laws of nature and do things supernaturally whenever He wants. Whether it’s to validate a message, to validate a messenger, or to ignite someone’s faith…Miracles exist.

However, we still haven’t proven if Christianity is true. We’re getting there.  We know there is a god out there and we know that miracles existing is a testimony of His existence.  But to prove that the God of the Bible is true, we must disprove all other gods from the monotheist world view.  We must peel back the pages and discover if the New Testament is true.  Come back next week Tuesday for the conclusion of the series…How to prove Christianity is True.  I promise you, if you are not closed minded to the possibility that Christianity is true, at the end you will have something seriously life changing to think about.  See you next time, and remember you are the salt and light of the world. Be blessed.

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