Less ABOUT me, More ABOUT Jesus

Hi! I’m Charles. Thank you for stopping by.  I am so glad you are here.

I was born in Sunny California, but raised in a small town in South Carolina.   Everyone knew everyone and despite popular belief we had more than one stop light.   I’m married to a beautiful God-fearing woman and I’m the father of an amazing baby boy.  I am veteran of foreign wars and that’s actually where my journey with the Lord took place.  I have been serving the Lord for 17 years now and I haven’t always been true to his last commandment he told his followers before he went to be on the right hand of the Father. 

He said go into all the world and preach the gospel.  To make more followers.  And I kind of had the notation that, that was somewhat just a suggestion.  Growing up in the Lord, I know better and that’s why I wanted to start this website and share this blogs.  It’s about reaching more people for the Christ…As much people world wide as i could.  And the best place I could think of was on the World Wide Web.  I wanted to do my part.  I want to grow the kingdom.   I wanted to be a part of the Great Commission. To be what my Lord wanted us to be.  Salt to a tasteless world and light to a darkened world. 

As Christians we are not meant to move quietly through life.   We are called to be a movement.   When salt is added to food you know it…you can taste it.   The food’s taste is different.  When a light is lit in a dark room, the shadows are pushed away.  So likewise our presence is supposed to be known.  We are not to blend in to the background.  And i felt like that what i was doing…and I wanted to change.

I can save at least one person with me posts…all would be worth it.  Because I would be accomplishing the mission Jesus himself charged us to do.   But I’d like to reach as many souls as I can.  This blog is not to self promote me, but it’s to promote Jesus.  It’s less about me and more about Him.  This site needs your support.  So if this site has been a blessing to you, please support this ministry be liking, sharing, tweeting, subscribing, keep visiting and inviting everyone you know to visit and be an active member of this salt and light community .

 Fresh content will be pushed to you often.  So you have to return to get the latest posts.  Let’s grow your faith in the Lord.  You can also send your feedback  about the posts or what other topics you would like me to write about.   If it is important to you, it’s important to me.

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And if you are interested My wife and I have created a YouTube channel.  It’s indirectly ministry-based.  It’s a DIY Home Improvement, Positive Lifestyle channel, called Jack and Jill of all Trades    <— Linked right here.   We’d love to have you as a part of that Jack and Jill community as well if you like good food or doing home projects.  

How is this related?  Well if you remember Jesus’s day job, before he started his ministry, was Carpentry.  😀  We’d love to have you!  Subscribe once you are there.

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