Welcome to the Blog Page!   Choose from the most recent posts below to get started. Or you can choose from a list of posts from the drop down menu on this page. My mission is to provide you with Christian based topics to bring you and others closer to Christ!  God is the reason we are here.  You are not here by accident, you may have questions about your faith, you may not have faith…or enough faith.  You maybe trying to find your way.  You may have questions about a certain subject.  The point is you found this site for a purpose.  God has lead us together and it is my job to help you with the content regularly posted on this site.  Let’s walk this journey together.  Together we can bring seasoning to the world and shine light in the darkness.

I’m excited you are here…I have created great God centered content just for you, no matter where you happen to be in your walk with God.

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